Monday, April 05, 2010

Reduce the Voting Age!

A UK policy institute has recommended that the voting age be reduced to 16 (in the UK, of course). The reasons were that in the present, big decisions are being made which will have big consequences on their lives. Also, the ageing population will be the most powerful force in voting and older people sometimes have older ways of thinking. 16 year olds can die in the army, pay taxes, but they cannot vote. This is a good idea not only for the UK, but also for Canada. Climate change, to name one important decision, is happening and nothing is being done about it. Don't the people who are going to be affected by it deserve a say? Yes they do, and that is why the voting age should be lowered. Let's follow Gordon Brown's lead (he supports lowering the voting age with conditions), and support the future of our country.

Demos director Richard Reeves said at 16 young people were old enoug to work and pay tax but were not allowed to vote in an election.
"They are denied the political capital and social responsibility of voting," he said.
As the nation prepares to face decisions with "profound" consequences for young adults, those young adults should be given the right to vote, the report said.
Read about it at the BBC.

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