Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Poll

The Tories are down again! This time in a new Harris-Decima poll. The Liberals at 27% and the Cons at 29% are virtually tied! Last time this happened, in an EKOS poll a short while ago, the Tories started attacking Frank Graves, head of EKOS. That is the normal Tory thing to do. When diplomat Richard Colvin accused the government of ignoring the fact that Afghan detainees were tortured, the Conservatives started personal attacks on him. Same thing is happening now. I quote from Dr Roy's Thoughts:
frank graves has revealed of late that he is indeed a partisan liberal. Why should anyone pay any intention to this openly liberal pollster. I question the accuracy and bias of ekos. If elos wanrs to regain any degree of believability, they should fire frank graves.
So, we should ignore him because he supports the Liberals. I don't get this logic. If Frank Graves really was biased, would he be presenting false information to the Liberals (poll stats)? Now, a Harris-Decima poll shows that EKOS was right. The Cons personal attacks won't work. The propaganda from the Blogging Tories won't sway us.

The full results of the poll can be found here.


  1. We may be going to the polls, so you can test your theory out. frank grave is raising a lot of money for the Tories. I hope he continues giving partisan advice about having a culture war. The grits can be the partyof central Toronto,

  2. Since when is political commentary partisan advice. Get a life. Soon the Globe & Mail is going to be the target for any editorializing they do. Good grief!

  3. I would comment but as a westerner I'm only in Canada to be hated.


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