Friday, April 02, 2010

Foes of Ford Defeated

Ford Canada has beaten Toyota in their sales numbers in March. I have been a recent supporter of Ford ever since I got interested in cars. I like the way the company is headed, a more environmentally friendly future. Their sales are spearheaded by the Ford Fusion (a fuel-economical vehicle) and the Ford Escape. Ford represents the future of the environmentally friendly but also practical vehicles. I like the Ford Fusion hybrid. It's a hybrid and more fuel economical than the Camry hybrid. However, it has good looks and is roomier.Whatever company is chosen by Canadians, let's hope they choose green. There should be more initiatives to encourage environmentally friendly car ownership.
Ford said Thursday it sold more vehicles than any other automaker in March, with 22,000 cars and trucks driving off dealer lots. That’s a 29% increase from one year ago. Strong performances by its Fusion and Escape models lifted Ford to top manufacturer in the country, the company said.
Read about it at the London Free Press.

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