Monday, April 12, 2010

Hells angels Conservative?

The Toronto Star reports that Rahim Jaffer, former Tory MP and a man who says he is a former banker for the Hell's Angels tried to sell his political influence. Harper denies that Jaffer had any influence on the Tories and maintains that he is a private citizen.
"Mr. Jaffer is a private citizen and he is responsible for himself and I have no comment to add to that matter," Harper said. "Obviously, I read the newspapers yesterday. The suggestions that were made that Mr. Jaffer has an open door to my office are completely false."
But just a few days ago, he still had the Con. logo on his website. I'm sorry, but you can't have the best of both worlds. This is adding to his drunk driving and drug charges that he accumulated a year ago and got off with minimal charges. So much for "tough on crime." Anyway, we need to make sure that there is no corruption in the government. Harper kicked Guergis out of Conservative caucus and called in the RCMP. There could be heavy charges involved. We'll have to wait and see.


  1. Innocent until proven guilty. Most grit allegations have been found to be untrue. I am still waiting for more Adscam conivctions. Who got all that money in the brown envelopes?
    The latest poll Tories have a 10% lead.

  2. Innocent until proven guilty? Is that what your party supports? With minimum mandatory sentences, it's not innocent until proven guilty.

    These aren't Liberal allegations. The man himself claims to be associated with the Hells Angels. How are we to know if he supports the Liberals or not.

  3. I think dr roy is talking about Mulroney and his envelopes.... right?

    Adscam has been investigated in an open way.

    Harper likes to hide everything - but dr roy is okay with that.

  4. Minimum sentenced means that IF CONVICTED there is a statute that applies. I thought even you liberals would have figured that out.

  5. Ah Dr Roy, faithfully spewing out the latest talking points as usual. We all know they aren't his original thoughts because the spelling and grammar are fine. Sorry except for conviction.

    Plus Fred from Whatever has been posting the same comment word for word everywhere.

    Nice Try Roy. Changing the subject and answering the point with opinion. You should try that as a defense in court and tell us all how it worked out.

  6. Yawn. There was this guy who said he was this big banker for this gang.. How newsworthy.
    I definately won't defend them but their not even a criminal organization.. yet.
    Unlike Hezbulla, Hamas and the Tamil Tigers.


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