Saturday, April 24, 2010

Honesty is the Best Policy

A Golfer named Brian Davis was at his competition. Now imagine being at any competition. Then you have the golf ball and your about to hit it when you miss and hit the ground. So what? you may ask well  "hitting any material around your ball during your backswing constitutes a violation of the rule against moving loose impediments, and is an immediate two-stroke penalty. And in a playoff, that means, in effect, game over. so lets say at your competition something like this happens, but none calls on you. Brian Davis guess what called on himself, and they actually had to the take the video on slow mo just to see him do it. He could have lied and got the credit, but he did not and this man did the most honest and truthful thing he could at a this game i think. So here is to you Brian Davis congratulation on winning something more important than 1#. Honesty,234963

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