Saturday, April 10, 2010

Guergis Resigns

Harper has called in the RCMP on Helena Guergis who through a tantrum in Charlottetown airport. Guergis faces unknown allegations. She called them unfounded. Well, apparently Stephen Harper didn't as he demanded an investigation into Guergis' doings. However, it seems like Harper fired her.
Though Guergis technically resigned her position, Harper, at a Parliament Hill news conference, made it clear she had little choice in the matter.
It's time that he did that. We Liberals were calling for it months ago. Let's count the scandals.

  1. Tantrum at Charlottetown 
  2. Letters to the editor written by her office assistant, 
  3. A shopping spree being written off as election expenses
  4. She is being investigated by the RCMP.
And maybe others I didn't hear about yet. Good for Harper, but it's two months late. We shouldn't have people like this representing us. We don't want people like this representing us.

We should watch her carefully. The fact that Harper kicked her out of caucus is unnerving. He's trying to distance his party from her. He's trying to spin it. It won't work. Maybe I should have created a label called "Guergis." I seem to be writing a lot about her.

Read about it at the Toronto Star and the National Post.


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