Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ice cap Melting

Big news: our largest ice cap has been melting since 1985. Apparently, warmth in the summers has caused the cap to melt. This is climate change at work. The melting ice will contribute to sea level rise of over a metre in the next century. This can drown out islands like Tuvalu and Kiribati (see the "about the environment" tab). When the climate refugees start coming to our countries, the Tories are going to start to complain. But only other people will realize that it's their fault for contributing to climate change.
Canada's largest ice cap has been shrinking steadily since 1985, say scientists studying the remote icy dome at the top of the planet.
They say there has been a decline in the volume and area of the Devon Ice Cap in the High Arctic over the past 25 years, largely because of warm summers.
Read about it at the Ottawa Citizen.


  1. Great! Time to buy that condo in the Yukon.

  2. The problem is that people live in the "now" and not the future. However, it will affect our children and future generations.


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