Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bixi Toronto?

Toronto is starting a pilot project based on Montreal's Bixi bike sharing service. Living in Montreal, I have to say that this service has been largely successful. With bike stations all around, it's hard to ignore the growing reality of the bike being practical. It's made for short downtown trips which is very useful for people making multiple trips per day. The only thing wrong with the service is the helmets, or the fact that there are none provided. My solution would be strategically placed Bixi "stores" where people who have a Bixi pass can get a helmet. One suggestion to Toronto: get ready as this system will be overused. Start big this season, and end even bigger.
Earlier, the committee also voted to move forward on the city’s first bike-sharing program. The program, modelled on Montreal’s successful Bixi system, will see 1,000 specially designed bikes roll out by spring 2011.
People will be able to rent bikes from 80 stations across the downtown core, using day-long, month-long or year-long passes. In Montreal, a year’s membership costs about $80.
Read about it at the Globe and Mail.

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