Thursday, April 01, 2010

Torture is Real

Torture is, was and should be a concern. A few people with first hand experience voiced their opinion and what they saw . Nevertheless, the Tories refuse to give the documents or be cooperative with the opposition. Col. Christian Juneau, one of the soldiers responsible for the transfer of detainees said that he was getting very little information from diplomats about the matter. In fact, he was so much in the dark that he stopped transferring Afghan detainees.

“I am forced to conclude that I must cease approving the transfer of further detainees on the basis that the legal test upon which such decisions must be based can not be satisfied at this time, having due regard to all the information and lack of information at my disposal."
 This letter was copied to Defence Minister Peter Mackay. So, the Tories did know about the torture concern. In 2007, the Conservatives boasted that the security of Afghan detainees was at it's best. However, as we read the paragraph above, we know that it can't be true. If they are lying about this, on which other subjects are they withholding the truth from us?

Read about it at the Globe and Mail or the CBC.

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