Monday, April 05, 2010

Obama wants to drill into contreversy

Obama is allowing exploration in the coast line of the Atlantic ocean, Gulf of Mexico and Alaska. I think it is good to find new sources of energy, but I do believe that these new sources should be renewable. It is still fine that you try to meet energy needs on both sides (renewable and non-renewable) and progress into more renewable energy. The problem Obama faces is to pass it. Some Democrats are strongly against it and some Republicans are for it. This is kind of a good thing considering their might be some by partisanship. I would also like to say that I am now open to drilling in Quebec, but I would like their to have strict environmental standards making sure that there is the least amount of impact as possible, and that there should be taxes if they would like to drill. I like that this way that we get our own oil and not just take it from Alberta's oil companies who have few restictions on the environment, and I believe that this will create jobs on both sides of the border, but I would like to stress that this is a short term solution and we should all spend more time and money on renewable ressources, so we can eventualy say we do not need this oil.

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