Friday, April 30, 2010


A new poll shows that Harper has kept his lead over the Liberals. This is a bit of a shock considering all the news of Jaffer and Guergis. You would think maybe some support would be taken from the Conservatives. The real suprise is that the NDP is at there highest support since election and from then have slowly gone up then jumped up and back down. While as the leaders of  Liberals and Conservatives keep there there support from where they were last time. While NDP leader Jack Layton who's support has been rising and disapprove have been lowring. But the important thing is that if we look at support of all party's plus the second choice you can see that the Liberals would win. So this poll makes me Happy because it shows that Harper is no where near majority, and because it shows that in if you include's peoples second choice the Liberals have more support than the Conservatives. This poll makes me upset that the Conservatives are still ahead.


  1. Geez do you think maybe it has anything to do with our lousy, out of touch "leader" who lives in a %^@%^*$$@ castle in Europe? In a time of uber recession?

    Could also be the conservative media, lack of progressive policies, effective opposition or all of the above?

    Ignatieff is gonna finish us off (something Harper, the sponsorship scandal or Crap West News weren't able to do) if he doesn't take a convincing left turn soon.

    Child care. Elder care. Pharmacare.

    Tie urban, rural Canadians together into supporting the LPC with local farming, and social programs.

    Liberals will balance the budget (as always) because we have to, to keep the Cons from cutting popular, necessary social programs.

    Repeat ad nauseum.

  2. It will also take a bit of time for the scandal to sink in at a time when both the Habs and Nucks are in the NHL playoffs, and Sid the Kid is in round two after winning Olympic gold.

    Give it a few weeks, and see where this goes.

    Anon: I think we ARE seeing more Liberal ideas come out - including the local farming initiative. I think we'll see more soon... Stay tuned.

  3. I'm with Anonymous. The Libs have had a long period of supreme Con scandal and incompetence but what have they done with this gift? Nada! No ads, no eloquent TV reps, no media saturation. Except for political junkies, nobody cares because they don't know the extent of the malpractice. It's not just broken messaging - it's no messaging.

  4. Hmm, the Jaffer and Guergis "scandal" no one cares about or a solid economy. That might explain the polling numbers:

    OTTAWA - Canada's economy grew by a solid 0.3 per cent in February, as manufacturing, construction and mining continued to rebound from the recession.

    The advance was in line with consensus forecasts and sets Canada up for the biggest quarterly advance in more than a decade at about six per cent annualized.

    All the goods producing industries were in the plus column, which Bank of Montreal economist Douglas Porter described as a "classic recovery pattern."

  5. Are refering to this new poll?

    Tories' lead widens to 11 points: poll
    The Leger poll, conducted over the internet from April 27-29, gives Harper's Conservatives 36 per cent support among respondents, while the Liberals were at 25 per cent support.

    Read more:

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