Saturday, April 24, 2010

Arizona bill racist or needed

A new Arizona bill has been seen as racist or needed. Now, no matter what you think of the bill here is what is in it. Police are going to have the right to check someones legal status if they have a justified reason. Here is the question is this racist. The bill does offer training to law enforcement.
"This training will include what does and does not constitute reasonable suspicion that a person is not legally present in the United States," Brewer said after signing the bill.
So this is clear on how law enforcement will have justified reasons to enact this law. So I think this part of the bill makes sense, but maybe they should have more training and make it more strict on policeman who discriminate. The only part of this bill I do not support is that all immigrants must carry their papers to show that they are immigrants. This is outrageous! I think this part of the bill is discriminative that only immigrants have to have there papers all the time, and what if they forgot it? Is the state going to put them to jail, or deport an American citizen to Mexico?
"Racial profiling is illegal. It is illegal in America, and it's certainly illegal in Arizona," Brewer said.
"This training will include what does and does not constitutereasonable suspicion that a person is not legally present in the UnitedStates," Brewer said after signing the bill.
The bill requires immigrants to carry their alien registration documents at all times and requires police to question people if there is reason to suspect that they're in the United States illegally. It also targets those who hire illegal immigrant day laborers or knowingly transport them.


  1. Do you have any clue how many American citizens get victimized every single day by an illegal alien?
    Does that even faze your mind?
    Mexico does not allow American;s to stay in their country for more than 6 months, yet these same people criticize the USA for not allowing their citizens to live in the USA illegally for life?
    An example of backwards thinking at its best.

  2. Yet it is the American companies which bring the illegal immigrants into their country. Why? So they can pay them less than American citizens, treat them worse than American citizens and when they are done with the workers, the companies can reveal their situation to the police.

  3. I am willing to watch what occurs now that this law has been passed. I am hoping that it will dissuade Mexican citizens from believing they can freely walk into our country, work here, and demand the same rights as citizens. I long ago became weary of Mexican citizens speaking in America as if they are United States citizens. It's time that they return to their nation and work there to reform their homeland so that they can proudly work, live, thrive there.


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