Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Whip is mightier than the Gun

Michael Ignatieff has stated that the Liberals will vote against the bill to kill the long-gun registry. This will be a whipped vote and anyone who doesn't vote with the party's stance will be reprimanded. Most of you will say, "Last time it happened, whipping the vote didn't work." I completely agree with you. Except Ignatieff will learn from his mistakes and I believe that he will severely punish anyone who won't vote with the party. Just to set an example of what happens to someone who defies the party on a mandatory vote. Besides this, it is good that the Liberals are going to vote against this bill. Why don't the Conservatives listen to the police, the people who actually work in crime. They will say that the gun registry is important. Anyway, Tories and statistically correct information do not mix. All this will hopefully go to show that the whip is mightier than the gun.
Michael Ignatieff plans to whip his caucus to vote against a controversial Conservative bill to abolish the long-gun registry. MPs who do not vote with him will be punished.
Read about it at the Globe and Mail.


  1. This should get the Tories 8 more rural seats.
    The whip probably won't work though. I bet there will several MP's who get the "flu."

  2. And it should also help the Liberals be more competative in about 75 or so urban and suburban seats.

    From a political standpoint I think the Liberals can live with that tradeoff.

  3. I think you folks are too hung up on the urban/rural thing.

    I live in a big city (Vancouver) and own plenty of firearms...I know lots of others that do as well.

    We want the long gun registry gone as well.


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