Thursday, April 08, 2010

More Politicians in Parliament!

Canada may have an additional 30 seats in The House of Commons. These extra seats will go to the 3 top growing provinces:Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta will all increase in seats. Now this would add the total number of seats of the house to 338. This means that in order to get a majority of the house you need 170 seats. The Conservatives have 145 seats. They would now need to get 25 out of the 30 new seats. Now, in Alberta it will have 5 new seats. This is of course going Conservative. Now in BC seven new seats will be added, and these seats will be in Vancouver the recent poll shows the Tories ahead of the NDP who are ahead of the Liberals in Vancouver. So the Conservatives will battle out with the NDP for the seats. In Ontario 18 new seats will be added most around Toronto, so it is not going to be in the very Liberal city but surrounding it so the Conservatives will probably split this with the Liberals and may give the NDP a seat or two. The loser of this would be Quebec who for the first time since Confederation will be underrepresented if this is passed.


  1. You're assuming that these new districts are already in place when you say the Conservatives need only 25 more seats to get a majority. There is still one more election to go under the old riding system before the new seats are added, so we don't exactly know how many seats the Conservatives will need before achieving majority status, or if they are even in government at all by that time.

  2. ooh ya that is right but it is good to know that under this system even with the strong support for Harper in 2008 he would still need to do much better to get a majority


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