Saturday, April 17, 2010

Back Down You Go

According to a new EKOS poll, the Tories are back down at 31.4% support and the Liberals back up at 29% support. Basically, the Liberals are more or less tied with the Conservatives. Good news for us. Let's plough straight through Stephen Harper's thin support. He can lose it any time (besides Alberta) as demonstrated during his prorogation. Two scandals at the same time now are attacking the Tories' support: the Guergis-Jaffer scandal and the Afghan detainee scandal. Libs are making gains in Ontario and mostly stealing away form the Cons. This is only good news for us.
In fact, Mr. Graves and his team are calling it more than that – they say the Tories have been “Guergisized!”“The resignation and controversy around Helena Guergis and her husband seems to have jumpstarted a moribund electorate in a way that ideas and debate could not,” he says.
Read about it at the Globe and Mail or CBC. Read the full results of the poll here.

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  1. Problem is that the polls also show those scandals have very little concern with the public. The Afghan detainee issue hardly resonates with the public at all. While you may disagree, the truth of the matter is that it is hard to feel sorry for foreigners when you are bringing home your young soldiers in coffins. An Ekos poll published on March 25 showed that only 16% were following the issue very closely, and 43% were not following the issue at all.

    So only the Jaffer/Guergis issue has the potential to really affect the numbers - and as we have seen - the public tend to lose interest after a few months. Look at prorogation. What was huge news only a few months ago with protests on Parliament hill is now forgotten amongst all but the most partisan of suppporters.

    If the government makes it to the summer break, you can bet no one will remember this come the fall.


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