Monday, April 19, 2010

Go on Harper, Worry

Throughout the recent scandals Harper's government has been facing, he has been trying to distance himself from the problem. Firing Guergis, calling Jaffer a private citizen and dumping Afghan detainee documents on the Speaker's desk are all part of those kinds of actions. If these kinds of things keep happening to Harper, he has reason to worry. The next few scandals could be the straw that broke the camel's back. In fact, the recent EKOS poll already shows Harper's numbers hurt by the recent scandals, especially the Guergis one. This shows that Harper hasn't really done a good job at distancing himself from the scandals around him. Not that any smart Canadian wouldn't see through his antics. All we need is big ideas and more of the truth around Harper's government revealed to whittle down his support.
With the controversy around Helena Guergis growing and at least one poll showing support for the Conservatives sagging, Harper now has reason to worry, pollster Frank Graves warns.
"He's got to have ... cold beads of sweat popping out on his brow right now. He's got to be very uncomfortable," said Graves, president of EKOS Research Associates Inc.
Read about it at the Toronto Star.

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