Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Misinformed on...

high speed rail. That's the only problem with the fast trains. People don't know what they are, what their characteristics are and their advantages and disadvantages. I once read about a town in the US which had a group formed of citizens combating fast trains going through their town because apparently it would make too much noise. I'm sorry, but that is completely wrong. The new high speed trains are electric and hardly make ANY noise while passing through a village. In fact, the diesel locomotives chugging through that town at the present probably represents a rock concert compared to the noise of the electric trains. It's time people researched the subject before making claims like, "It's a large waste of money," or "It will need to be subsidized constantly." In Spain, the AVE high speed rail needs 0$ in subsidies each year.

Read about it at Wired.

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  1. High speed trains in South Korea are quiet and they are not subsidized. Also the trains used in South Korea were built in France. Anyong


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