Saturday, April 17, 2010

SO, green energy is a go?

Sweden and Ontario both have something in common. Sweden is using excess body heat from a train station to heat another building. The cool air from the office building stops commuters from sweating and the hot air from the train terminal keeps the office workers from freezing. This idea was cheap ($30 000) and therefore will pay for itself quickly while saving tons of fossil fuels.

In Ontario, two studies say that solar energy could produce 95 gigawatts of power. That's enough to provide 60% of Ontario's electricity demands in 2025! Demands for energy in the future can only grow. That other 40% of the demands could be met by wind turbines, household geothermal energy and if everything else can't meet demands, exports from Quebec.

Both these ideas demonstrate that the world can run on green energy if we want to. It's possible but we just need to stand up and tell the politicians in Ottawa to start the switch.

Read about it at Time and the Ottawa Citizen.

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