Sunday, May 02, 2010

Bicycles Only

The chief of the National Capital Commission said that Ottawa should consider closing car lanes to allow more room for bicycles. He said that bicycle commuting should be a priority. This is a great idea. The car is becoming more and more an idea of the past. Public transit, bicycling and walking should be the priority in the reorganization of roads. Ottawa should become a bicycle city role model for Canada. More cities should be buying into this mode of transportation and less into the car. Just look at Europe's beautiful streets.

This is the kind of thing I would love in Canada. Ottawa, as the capital should be a leader and take lanes away from cars, and give them to bicycles.

Read more at the Ottawa Citizen.


  1. As long as these new bike lanes are for bikes only. No pedestrians, no dogs, no strollers. BIKES.

    Ottawa's current "multi-use paths" are useless for commuting because of non-bike users.


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