Sunday, May 16, 2010

TIm Hortons Intl.

Tim Hortons, Canada's great fast-food chain is planning to expand, in Canada and globally. This is a good thing. Tim Hortons is a Canadian business and the more it expands, the better it will be for Canada. I like Tim Hortons and eat there multiple times per year. I wish them the best of luck in expanding one of Canada's most known franchises.
Tim Hortons plans to keep growing, both at home and abroad, over the next four years, says chief executive Donald Schroeder.
“We believe there is plenty of room to develop from our current level of 3,000, to about 4,000 restaurants here in Canada,” Schroeder told shareholders at the company’s annual meeting Friday.
Tim’s will push out from its current foothold in the U.S. northeast and Midwest, Schroeder said.
It will also look farther afield, although Schroeder said its international growth strategy will be tempered by the knowledge that huge markets like India and China are “littered with people who jumped in too quickly.”
Read more at the Toronto Star.

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