Thursday, May 06, 2010


The United Kingdom election has begun. Best of luck to The LPC equivalent in the UK, the Liberal-Democrats. They seem to have made great headway on their popularity. This could be a good example of how to increase popularity to Michael Ignatieff. We must regain the popular vote like the Lib-Dems.

To see the results as they come out, click here.


  1. Funny, I would have thought Labour was more like the LPC, and the Liberal-Democrats more like the NDP.

    Interesting perspective. Notably, the Liberal Democrat polls don't seem to be reflecting in the vote so wouldn't necessarily suggest following that model based on the returns thus far.

  2. In established party sense, the Lib-Dems are more like the NDP. However, the LPC and the Lib-Dems are both affiliated with Liberal International, whereas Labour and the NDP are affiliated with Socialism International. As for the polls, we'll just have to wait.

  3. clegg's liberal dems have lost seats. I agree let's hope the grits follow their path.

  4. They've lost seats, but gained support. They will ensure that whichever party rules right now, the Conservatives, will change the voting system to make it more representative of the populations's opinions. So, the Lib-Dems have lost the battle, but won the war.


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