Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Can childern be rascist?

In a study done by CNN, young children were shown multiple pictures of other children followed by a question from the supervisor. In a question to white children: "Show me the dumb child," 76% of them picked one of the two dark coloured children. Many other questions showed the same result. Now first, I would like to say this is not all technically a scientific study, but I think it does shows that there are childern that think badly of others because of different ethnicity. So question is are you teaching you're childern not to discriminate?

CNN is going to talk about this at 10PM.


  1. I would be curious to know what kids were tested. My kids spent their first 10 years in downtown / annex Toronto. They were the only WASP's in their classes. They had no words to describe the nationalities of their classmates, "the one with the really dark skin and short hair, or the one with just the short hair"
    Then, we moved west, to a small prairie town, and my kids immediately made friends with the few non-whites, and then were ostracized by the whites for their choice of friends.

    Were the kids in the study from a "mixed bag" environment?

  2. yes even African Americans were asked the same questions and when asked "what skin color do most adults not like" and even African American and white kids picked the darker skin color kids


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