Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ignatieff supports Tar Sands

Michael Ignatieff has once again said he supported the Alberta tar sands as long as they become cleaner towards the environment. The tar sands will never be clean. So far, there has been no innovations designed to reduce the environmental footprint of the tar sands besides Carbon Capture and Storage. Except that it doesn't work. The only solution to the problem of the tar sands is to let the companies exploit the resource. If they choose to use the tar sands, they will be taxed. There should be a carbon tax and multiple other taxes on those businesses instead of tax cuts like Harper's been giving them. Therefore, they will have an incentive to clean up, they will be able to continue exploiting the resource, while making all of us richer.
On the oilsands, Ignatieff said the resource and entire energy sector is a matter of national unity because it creates jobs and wealth across the country. However, there's growing environmental concerns in the oilsands -- including rising greenhouse gas emissions as well as the ecological footprint on air, water and land -- that can't be ignored, he said.
Read more at the Calgary Herald.


  1. As a green Liberal I have no party to vote for.

  2. First off ;they are oil sands, not tar sands.

    Iggy has no option but to support the Alberta oil. The taxes generated are essential for his next great social program (whatever it is). Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the alternative oil supply options are sure as hell not looking that much better as far as the environment is concerned these days.

  3. First off, they are tar sands, check the dictionary for that word and you will see that. Second, now that we've established your main goal is just spin people can take the rest of what you wrote about the tar sands in that context.

  4. CCS doesn't work period. It would also be prohibitively expensive for Tar Sands production. Did you notice that the Liberal leader called on Ottawa to provide remediation for Athabasca? Like the first Anon, I'm a green Liberal and a progressive to boot, two qualities that no longer have a natural fit in the LPC. Sorry to say it but Iggy is a dud. The Liberal leader is the best thing Harper has going for him.

  5. I can't agree that we should let the companies exploit the Tar Sands. As you note, there are no solutions for cleaning up the Tar Sands. We can't restore ecosystems such as the Boreal Forest once they are gone. The chemical pollution in the water table and land will be there for decades. IMO, we have to transition to renewables and phase out the Tar Sands completely, period. Obviously, Ignatieff will never do this.


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