Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Washington is ordering over one thousand Bixis from the Montreal-based company. Many other cities have already ordered Bixis. While they are buying, Bixi is always expanding in Montreal. Bike stands that used to have one row, now have two rows. One week ago, when the metro shut down, a ton of commuters decided to go out and rent bikes. This shows great progress for Bixi. Now, it is right at the top of commuters' minds. It's environmentally friendly and practical. Expanding this business will be good for everyone.
The expanded program will replace the SmartBike D.C. bike network, created in 2008.

"The response to the bike-sharing program has been unprecedented, and we are pleased to be able to join with Arlington in our expansion efforts," Mayor Adrian M. Fenty (D) said in a statement.
The District program has 1,500 members making more than 100 trips a day on 100 bikes, said James R. Sebastian, a city transportation planner. He said the current network is "maxed out" and that the city is "trying to meet that demand with this new system."
Read more at the Washington Post.

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