Wednesday, May 05, 2010

What a Project!

The Plateau district of Montreal is planning to close 10 to 15 streets beginning with on June 17. This borough of the city was swept by Projet Montréal in the 2009 elections. They are the ones doing the right thing in city hall. There need to be less cars on the street and a good way to do it is by closing streets. The closed streets will go to expanding existing parks. Parks are places where people have fun, not in the middle of congestion. I support Projet Montéal and hope they win many more seats in the next municipal election. Only good can come out of this party.
Beginning June 17, the borough intends to open a farmer's market on the street on Thursdays, featuring local and organic producers.
It is the first of 10 to 15 streets that Ferrandez said would be closed to traffic in 2010, adding he hopes other boroughs will follow suit.
"We hope it will send a message and start a movement," he said.
Earlier this year, Projet Montréal announced an end to free on-street parking for non-residents in the Plateau.
Read more at the Montreal Gazette.

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  1. Hey, I've been cursing at cars in the Downtown core forever. I've noticed they don't care if they hit someone, so long as they make their green light.

    Besides, most Montrealers can't drive properly anyway, and my grandfather used to say, if you can't do something properly, don't do it at all.


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