Sunday, May 16, 2010


Hybrid cars are an effective way to reduce emissions. They are just a temporary measure, though, before the general public can move on to electric cars or fuel-cell powered cars. Even now, hybrid cars aren't accessible to the population. There should be more funding and initiatives from the government to help consumers buy hybrid cars.

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  1. I'll forgive you because you are young, but hybrids are not an effective reduction of emissions.

    Do you have any idea the emissions involved in smelting lead or creating lithium polymer batteries?

    The manufacturing footprint for a hybrid vehicle is much greater than a strict oil burner.

    It's batteries will require replacement in several years. There will be lots of cheap, dead hybrids for sale in 6-7 years.

    Hydrogen fueled, conventional piston and turbine engines creating current to drive DC wheel motors is our next 25-35 years. Mark my words.

    Our electrical storage tech(batteries)sucks...we need a breakthrough.

    Meanwhile, as a mechanic, I will just add $75 an hour to work on hybrids. :)


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