Friday, May 14, 2010

Closed Conservatives

Two pieces of writing about the closed government in yesterday's Gazette. An audit performed by the Canadian Newspaper Association found that it was the Harper government that was secretive. They didn't meet deadlines as stated by law, demanded extraordinary fees for information and I'm guessing that in some cases, the Tories didn't even procure the information. Worst of all the federal departments was National Defence with a D minus. That is a fail.
"At the federal (level), what we're seeing is (government) performances declining year over year, not getting better," said Suzanne Legault, interim federal information commissioner whose recent report to Parliament warned Canadians' right of access is "at risk of being totally obliterated because delays threaten to render the entire access regime irrelevant."
It's not unusual the Harperites are causing so many delays. When there is a chance at being ousted, Harper delays the vote, then prorogues. When the heat is on Harper about the Afghan detainee scandal, he prorogues. It seems that the way Harper weasels out of tight corners is by delaying things. And it's working! We shouldn't leave it up to politicians to keep the heat on Harper; we need to do it ourselves and now.

Read more at the Montreal Gazette and here.


  1. So tell iffy to have an election. Grit pollster frank graves has the grits at 27%.
    the grit non scandals have little resonance with the Canadian people. They are happy about the huge job creation numbers and the ever improving economy. I notice iff and the grit bloggers ignore the economy lately.

  2. Typical Con...attempting to change the channel!!

  3. If Harper is looking for a majority with 33%, he has a long way to go. I remember Jean Chretien when he was polling way low behind Campbell, but got in with a majority. So it ain't over 'till it 's over.


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