Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Animals: Climate Change

The Climate Change Reality is increasing in all parts of the world. Ice is melting, increasing sea levels and reducing the territory for a number of animal species. Many will go extinct if we continue polluting as is. We must stop killing the earth before it is too late. There are no quick fixes and only one solution: stop emitting.


  1. You first. Sell your car, don't go anywhere you can't cycle or walk to. And forget about heating your home in the winter; grab your warmest coat.

    Maybe you'd like the farmers to stop emitting too? We can all go back to growing our own food with hand plows.

    Do you even have a clue?

  2. I don't have a car. I bike to the metro. When it started snowing in May in Montreal, the heat wasn't on. However, everything within reason.

  3. Larry helping the planet is not as hard as you think it is you can put the heat on just think if you can go without a bit. cycle helps your health it is not just the environment it is ethical and economical florescent lights not only help the environment but save your energy bill


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