Sunday, May 02, 2010

First Priority: High Speed Rail

Professor Nesbitt-Larking says that high speed rail should be our top national spending priority. We remain the only G8 country without it. All the other ones have felt it necessary for their future economic ambitions. Building high speed rail would help Canada's economy now, and our future economy. We must get moving on high speed rail now, at least in two corridors: Quebec City to Windsor and Calgary to Edmonton. The US is already on the move as it is considering building high speed rail on the Amtrak Cascades line (Vancouver-Eugene). HSR is a must for Canada.
The development of high-speed rail in Canada should be our top national spending priority. It is almost inconceivable that Canada remains the only G8 country without it. Adding a cruel twist of irony is the fact that Bombardier, a Canadian company, has been an innovative contributor to successful European HSR initiatives.
Read more at the Mark and CTV.

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  1. The quote you provide, at least, doesn't provide any credible reasons for having high speed rail. All the other G8 countries were following a different path with regards to their banks and banking. If he wants to convince me he should outline the costs and weigh that against the benefits. From what I have read, the costs still far outweigh the benefits.


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