Friday, May 14, 2010

The Compromise

All political parties in Parliament have reached a decision regarding the Afghan detainee documents. There will be a committee of MPs from all four parties reviewing the uncensored documents to decide which of them other MPs and the public should view. Personally, I don't think we should have come to a compromise. I don't think Harper is willing to go to the polls right now. He would have had to hand over all the documents. Now, this compromise is fine, I just think that we, the public, should be able to get the full uncensored documents. I hope we won't have any more black pages.
OTTAWA—A last-minute deal on the release of Afghan detainee documents has been reached by government and opposition MPs.
Justice Minister Rob Nicholson tabled the agreement in the House of Commons, saying it will allow a committee of MPs from all four parties to review documents in their “unredacted” or uncensored form, to determine whether they are relevant to a Parliamentary investigation into the treatment of detainees handed over to Afghan authorities.
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  1. The grits are behind in every poll. Their fundraising last quarter was 1/3 the Tory's $4 million. You really think iffy was itching for an election?
    The public does not have the right to know things that put our soldiers in jeopardy. There is such a thing as National security. You may want to see what former grit leader Bill Graham has to say.

  2. Some one should listen to the Head Honcho of the armed forces, who said he is in fsvor of the opppoition reading the documents

  3. Dr Roy, you are an idiot.

    This is not about politics and winning it is about the Canadian government being complicit in torture.

    What would the Conservatives know about security? This is the party that had Bernier leaving top secret documents with a biker chick and HG telling the Taliban when Dion was in Afghanistan...

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  5. This was the agreement. Don't like it, cowboy up and call an election.
    I'm sick and tired of the born again Liberals like Rae and The Dose slandering Candian troops and their actions. MPs serve for 4 years but our troops are career volunteers with their lives on the line. I welcome The Dose and Rae's trip outside the wire.

  6. Is this really slandering Canadian troops? Or finding out whether the Afghan officials are doing?

  7. Guess other opinions are not welcome here. Keep on defending iffy guys. Guess you didn't see what former grit leader. ( the one started handing talban over to Afghans) had to say about this non scandal. I am just waiting for the grits to start leaking classified info.
    Perhaps Pablo Rodgrues will reveal why he disobeyed the police and was arrested and sits proudly as a grit. While you lot ranted about Rahim who wasn't an MP. Bye

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