Sunday, May 30, 2010

Reid Might Win

Harry Reid, the Democrat senate leader has had major problems trying to get reelected in his state of Nevada. Many groups have raised funds for the GOP party candidate. So no candidate has this money yet because there are three front runners in the republican primary. The polls since the winter have shown that Harry Reid will lose against any one of these candidate, but a new poll's results (Reid vs any Republibcan candidate) are within the margin of error. So what I think this proves is that now that we are done the health care bill, and have moved on to different issues, it is giving a bit of a boost on support. I hope that Harry Reid does win, because after the senate elections when the Democrats came back, (according to current polls) they should have a leader to start getting stuff done.


  1. It isn't just about having moved on to other issues. It's also that Obama's healthcare bill passed and no one was sent to a death committee, nor did the sky fall down. Many prominent Republicans warned that the attacks against Obama's healthcare reform were so zealous and extreme that when they didn't pan out there would be a boomerang affect with the polls. Its happening.

  2. I Hope Reid loses, he's responsible for far too many "compromises", corporate cronyism and general watering down of bills, especially financial reform.

    Reid is not a liberal or the slightest bit progressive, merely status quo. And we all know what that means; private gains, socialized losses/

    Unfortunately if he loses it means a Republican wins, but since Obama is also useless (except for bankers, speculators and endless war), the sooner the Dems lose the sooner than can get started rebuilding without all the corporate hacks and sellouts that account for their so-called "leadership".

    Icing on the cake would be Barney Frank getting turfed in 2010 and Obama in 2012.

    Laughing liberal.


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