Sunday, May 09, 2010

Conservative Censors

Go on any Conservative blog and you will find them calling the left-wingers censors. However, we now find out that a Tory political aide sent an email to Public Works, telling them not to release a report demanded by the Canadian Press. They were obligated to release it under the law and the government had already approved it. Instead of following the law, a censored version was released 82 days after the due date. What's going on here? Why was this guy allowed to censor documents that had already been approved? There is obviously something wrong in organization if one person can set of a chain of events which ends in censorship. On the other hand, it's great that he admitted his error. Everyone should show responsibility for their actions like this. There should be an investigation into this affair.
Un attaché politique du Parti conservateur qui fait l'objet d'une enquête après avoir empêché la divulgation d'un rapport aux médias a admis que son geste était «stupide».
Sébastien Togneri a affirmé devant un comité des Communes, jeudi, qu'il avait commis une «erreur». C'est la première fois que l'employé reconnaît sa responsabilité dans cette affaire. Il a ainsi admis qu'il avait transmis, dans l'urgence, un courriel stupide. Flanqué de son avocat, il a ajouté que c'était une erreur de sa part et que c'était tout ce qu'il avait à dire.

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