Friday, May 28, 2010

Voting is Good

New research shows that political activism is good for people. Mentally, of course. They feel better, have a sense of purpose, better relationships and have a good sense of self esteem. This is very interesting. Of course, after the 2008 election with the lowest voter participation on record, we have to wonder whether there should be vote legislation. Anyway, I hope more people get involved in politics.
When it comes to politics, why are more of us becoming disengaged? Are we more cynical? Lazy? Self-absorbed? Distracted? Busy? Despairing? All of the above?
New psychological research suggests that rising indifference to politics among Canadians, as well as people in many parts of the world, may actually reflect a lack of personal happiness, an existential melancholy. In fact, the novel psychological experiments conducted by a U.S. psychologist and a German psychologist suggest that humans feel more satisfied and alive when they jump into political action, even at a relatively minor level.
Read more at the Vancouver Sun.

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