Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stop Whining!

Come on. Isn't it enough. We all know that Conservatives like to bash the CBC. They say it's biased, Liberal even communist! Some say it's the Communist Broadcasting Corporation. It's just getting silly. They can't just keep blaming the Mass Media for their troubles. It's always about the poor Conservatives. However, if you look at the polls, most Canadians didn't support Stephen Harper last election. Therefore, most Canadians will have an opinion against him. Should they all be silenced so we can have only true-blue broadcasting? If people want to speak then they should be able to without being bashed by the attack-ad party.
1. How Tory operatives spend their Friday nights. Stephen Harper’s Conservatives just don’t give up when it comes to bashing the CBC. It’s getting silly, with the Tories again questioning the broadcaster’s impartiality as a result of comments about a recent poll on women in politics.
Read more at the Globe and Mail and here.

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