Tuesday, May 04, 2010

No Oil Spills in Canada

according to Harper, thanks to Canada's strict offshore drilling rules. Harper also says that British Petroleum won't be able to drill in Canada's offshore oil deposits unless they meet all the requirements form the National Energy Board. But, can we really trust him when hardly any Alberta tar sands projects have been denied. Even when studies into the project have proved that they are bad for the environment did they get approved. And Harper says that we can trust him on this issue. I don't think so. We can't let oil companies destroy more of our environment than they have already done. It must end now.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper says a "horrific" oil spill similar to the one in the Gulf of Mexico couldn't happen in Canadian waters because of the federal government's strong offshore drilling rules.
Harper's defence of Canada's drilling protocols came after NDP Leader Jack Layton called on him to convene an emergency meeting of G8 environment ministers to put the Gulf spill on the agenda for this summer's G8 summit in Muskoka, Ont.

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  1. Anyong said...
    Today Danny Williams of Newfoundland stood up in the legislature and expressed his concern regarding what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico. What a farse it is. Newfoundland has had many small spills and a large one in 2005 where 160,000 litres from the Terra Nova platform was spilled.....this in the middle of the worlds largest bird breeding area. At the time, it was recommended that independent monitors be applied but it still has not happened. The audasity of the Premier to act as if nothing like this has happened in Newfoundland before and to show all this concern now is nauseating. You can find an interview with Biologist Dr. Ian Jones from Memorial University regarding what is not being report out of Newfoundland on CBC's "Here and Now Newfoundland & Labrador" on Friday April 30 with pictures of birds affected by oil and again on May 3 at 17:50 minutes into the program. It isn't a matter of where oil spills happen, it's a matter of oil companies not giving a dam and trying to make the ordinary tax payer pay for clean up. When is this greedy uncaring attitude going to change? Harper is not correct regarding oil spill in Canada. Newfoundland is an example.

  2. Off topic, but WTF;

    Here are the most recent fundraising numbers for the quarter ending March 2010, as detailed in the political financing database of Elections Canada:

    Conservative Party: $4,023,923.14
    Liberal Party: $1,589,953.81
    Bloc Québécois: $123,069.64
    NDP: $900,198.01
    Green Party: $233,285.57

    To put it in other words, the Conservative Party raised $1,177,416.11 more than all other political parties combined.

    The Liberal Party is a disaster, no direction, no support.


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