Saturday, May 01, 2010

Partisan Spending

The Ethics Commissioner has condemned the partisan spending of the Conservatives. This includes putting big Tory logos on government spending. This gives people the idea that the Conservatives are funding it from their own money. I say that since they put their logo on the cheques, they should pay for all the money from the government. There shouldn't be such a thing as free advertising. The bad thing is that the ethics watchdog cannot do anything about it. It will be up to Harper's government to change on its own.
OTTAWA -- The federal ethics watchdog says the Harper government crossed the line when it used ceremonial cheques with logos of the Conservative party or identifying local Tory MPs to make government announcements.
But in a report released on Thursday, Mary Dawson, the conflict of interest and ethics commissioner, said she cannot do anything about it.
 Read more at the National Post.

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