Monday, May 24, 2010

The Oceans are Warming

Yet again, there is more evidence that the earth is warming. This time the data is from the oceans, not air temperatures. I do not know how there can still be climate deniers with all this data from global warming. Are they just going to say it's all fake. That's pretty much what their whole argument is based on, that data from 98% of climate scientists is fake. However, the studies done by the other 2% is correct. It isn't a small majority, it's an overwhelming majority of scientists who say global warming is true. According to the climate "realists," we should believe the 2%. Do we really want to take a risk hat big with our planet?
Between 1993 and 2008, the study finds, the upper 700 meters of the oceans absorbed about 0.6 watts per square meter of energy. That is roughly equivalent to the power of 2 billion copies of the atomic bomb the United States dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, during World War II, said lead author John Lyman, an oceanographer at the University of Hawaii's Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research.
 Read more at the New York Times.


  1. Hey look another reason to criticize Obama's pathetic "leadership". Until America elects an honest, competent, focused president (of either party) none of our mutual problems will be resolved.

    Looking forward to Obama getting spanked in the November elections.


  2. Why do you insist that a warming planet is a bad thing?

  3. A warming planet will have its consequences. Continental glaciers will melt into the ocean causing the sea level to rise. This would displace many people on the sea shore and islands. This is one example, Larry.

  4. A warming planet will have its consequences. Continental glaciers will melt into the ocean causing the sea level to rise

    You libs have been saying that for years ad nothing has happened. There have been warmer periods in days of yore and everyone adapted and there were no big catastrophes. Climates change and there is nothing we can do. May as well adapt.

  5. Climate skeptics dont dispute the earth is warming. They dispute the earth is warming because of CO2 and they dispute that CO2 emissions will lead to catastrophic warming.


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