Monday, May 03, 2010

Thanks Gordon Campell

The premier of British Columbia is sending help to Louisiana with there oil spill. Whether you like him or not, I would like to say thanks to the Environment Ministry to help with the cleaning, and the sharing of expertise. Because no matter your politics we have to help our neighbors to the south deal with there disasters, so we can help save the lives the coastal areas and the animals. This goes without saying that this disaster was not natural, and there should be regulations to make sure this does not happen again.


  1. Spelling? THERE? Should be "their".

  2. Gordo is just practicing for when BC eventually lifts the moratoria on offshore drilling and has a catastrophic oil gushing disaster of its own. Don't be too quick to praise him. He can't wait to make this happen to us.

  3. I find it ironic that Al Gore trashes the Alberta Oil sands as environmentally damaging.I suppose it is but I would ask him how he likes the alternatives today.

    Alberta oil is clearly less dangerous for the environment in the long run. Add to that other disasters like the Ocean Ranger (84 lives lost) and that pipelines avoid ocean spills (Valdez anyone?) I would suggest that Alberta's oil is an asset; Fewer political issues as well.

    Have a nice day Al...

  4. Anonymous it may be true that Alberta has oil that will not pollute the water since it is on land, but the thing is Canada buys the oil from the middle east and sells our oil from Alberta, snd the oil in Alberta is not going to be there forever and we need different sources of energy but also as this Blog has posted that the Alberta oil sands have done much environmental damage


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