Friday, May 28, 2010

Not Just Yet, Oil Companies

After the terrible disaster in the Gulf, the Obama administration has said that they will maybe take back a few opportunities from the oil companies to start drilling. Like the delaying of the exploration for oil in the coast of Alaska, canceling the drilling in Virginia and stopping new wells from being built. This is all because the administration is revising the risks of drilling.I hope it will make sure that if there is such drilling it should be as much away from as much wildlife as possible. It should have strict regulations to make sure they do not hurt the environment, and must follow all the rules. If by any chance there is a oil spill the company must not only pay for the damages, but must also pay for the environmental recovery of the area, pay for all the economic losses they have created, must be fined heavily, and be put under serious questioning. There should be no excuses for oil spills, because there should not have been an oil spill in the first place.
Obama is delaying oil exploration off the coast of Alaska, canceling the sale of a lease to drill off Virginia and extending the moratorium on permits to drill any new deepwater wells for six months, a White House official said Thursday.
Obama is due to take questions from the press on Thursday, and four congressional hearings were scheduled Thursday regarding the spill.

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  1. This of course will mean an increase in oil sands production in Alberta.

    Good for Canada and probably the environment in the long run.

    We'll let Al Gore attack Alberta's oil and defend offshore drilling.The rest of us non-Nobel
    prize winners will address the real problems.


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