Monday, May 10, 2010

Kidnapped by the Government

Noah Kirkman was detained by the State of Oregon in 2008 after riding a bicycle with no helmet. He was then determined to have no legal guardian in Oregon and became a ward of the state in a foster home. He has not been released despite a series of legal battles. Yesterday, his mother asked Prime Minister Stephen Harper to step into the fight and push the US to return the boy. This is awful. How can a 10 year old boy be detained in the US for two years and not be given back to his parents. The boy is a citizen of Canada. He should return to Canada and his parents immediately, especially, with action from the Canadian government. A motion should be passed unanimously in Parliament calling for the immediate release of the boy. We cannot just sit around and do nothing. We must take action and now!
Taking direct aim at Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a Calgary mom whose son has been made a ward of the state in Oregon called for the feds to step in.
Lisa Kirkman, who has been fighting to have her 12-year-old son Noah returned to Canada for almost two years after authorities in the U.S. state tore him from his family, took to the streets of Calgary Sunday to call on the federal government to get involved in the case that has attracted international attention.
Read more at the London Free Press.

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  1. The federal gov't in Canada has been pushing the Oregon gov't on this strange case. There is a little more to the story than you will get from the Canadian media. Nonethless, the child should be returned to Canada but it is unhelpful when some try to score political points out of the story.


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