Friday, May 07, 2010

In Contempt, Again

Jim Prentice is in danger of being in contempt of Parliament. This is because there is a whole backlog of papers which are behind FOUR YEARS. This isn't normal. Well, actually it is for our Conservative government. It still comes as a surprise to me that there is four years of backlog. I mean, how much can someone not care about the environment or be so disorganized to cause such a delay. It would be a good day in Canada when or if Environment Minister Jim Prentice is found in contempt of Parliament. We have to pick the Tories off, one by one for the severe actions they have been doing. It's time to take responsibility and protect the environment.
Environment Minister Jim Prentice might find himself in contempt of Parliament if his department doesn't clear a backlog of late annual reports.
Liberal MP Derek Lee said Mr. Prentice has until next month to get Environment Canada to deliver four years of overdue documents.
Read more at the Globe and Mail.


    TORONTO (Dow Jones)--The Canadian dollar was on the rise Friday morning, gaining back some day-earlier losses on a jobs report that far exceeded expectations.

    The currency's gains were moderate however, with the positive economic data entering a market that is still nervous about sovereign debt issues in the euro zone.

    "Huge numbers in Canada," said Jon Gencher, director of foreign exchange sales at BMO Capital Markets in Toronto. "But the market is still going to trade very close to home. It's all still about the euro."

    The U.S. dollar traded at C$1.0368 after the jobs headlines, from C$1.0554 late Thursday afternoon.

    Canada added 108,700 jobs in April, Statistics Canada reported early Friday, more than four times the 25,000 new jobs expected by economists. The record-setting total includes 43,800 full-time jobs.

    With April's new jobs, the Canadian unemployment rate dropped to 8.1%, its lowest level in a year, raising the likelihood that the Bank of Canada will move to increase interest rates on June 1 when it meets next, rather than waiting until July as previously expected.

    Interesting how grits no longer seem to ask about the economy. The economy in spain which has a huge green job agenda stands at 20%.

  2. Isn't it interesting that when the CONs get into trouble, they always try to change the channel...

    4 years worth of docs? So much for transparency and accountability.

  3. Wow what a poorly formed attempt to change the channel Dr Roy. Really, the majority of your comment is stuff you have cut and pasted followed by a statement about as shallow as a 1 cm puddle.

    So do you have anything of value to say Roy Eappen? Or are you just another mouthpiece for the government?

  4. Read the entire article linked in the post, the good stuff is always at the end.

    When Libs lost govt in 2006,
    Enviro Canada was already 5 years behind in filing the annual reports.....Libs hadn't filed since 2002.
    shame on you Mr Dion.

    This isn't the first time Environment Canada has been slow to meet its reporting obligations.

    The department was criticized in 2007 for being five years behind in posting annual reports required by law to update Canadians on how crucial water resources are being managed.


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