Thursday, May 27, 2010

COI, Clement

CTV has learned that Industry Minister Tony Clement participated in an advert promoting a company to the Chinese. He didn't do it as a Canadian citizen, but rather as health minister of that time. This is unacceptable. Someone who is paid with our tax dollars cannot make an advertisement for a private company. Apparently, the guy who produced the advertisement was also his friend. After, his friend was later named to the Canadian Tourism Commission. The company also received multiple government contracts. This is a triple conflict of interest. First, he participates in a commercial for a private business, second, he names his acquaintance to a government commission, third, he might have given the company their contracts. There should be an immediate investigation into this affair. We don't want this sort of thing to happen again. I embedded the part of the video with Minister Tony Clement below.

Watch the report at CTV and read about it at


  1. Amazing to think that anyone who produced such shoddy, amateurish work should be named to anything.

    That said, what really interests me is the use of so much material that is under copyright, beginning with Vangelis' title theme for Chariots of Fire. Can't imagine how much Lord & Partners would have paid for its use. They did pay, right? Funny that there's no acknowledgement in the closing credits.

    I mean, they could afford such a thing... what with having won the prestigious Paint Gun & Line Cleaner System Award.

  2. What I embedded isn't the whole video. The entire one can be found on Youtube.


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