Sunday, August 08, 2010

The 14th amendment going? yeah when pigs fly.

Some people in Washington want to take away the 14 amendment of the U.S Constitution. First thing about this is that it would mean if anyone was born in America, but their parents were not born here or Immigrated legaly then they are not a citezen. The thing is that when Americans came here from england didn't come here legaly. What I mean by that is they just came and called that land their's kind of like illegal immigrants. So that would mean that all people of non native origin would not have got citezenship if this part the constatution was appiled before they came from England.  I would agree to not giving citezenship to illegal immigrants children who's parents come and give birth in America, but don't worry this will never happen. Getting rid of a part of the constatution is harder than talking about it. In order to get rid of an amendment you need first 2/3 of both houses to agree with it. That means that 290 house members need to vote with it and 67 senators also have to agree. That is imposible, because first this is coming from republicans and not even all of them are with this. The Rebulicans in the house have 176 members no where near the amount needed the senate they only have 41 seats again no where near. Step two they need 3/4 govenors of the country to vote with it. That means 38 govenors has to vote with it Republicans only has 24 govenors so for another time no where near. Now not all republicans support it so this is really not going to happen.

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  1. Private Investigators (opposition research) obviously tailed this man 24/7 and then he was killed.

    Should'nt they be charged with murder?

    Any way you lok at it, this roadkill is IN COLD BLOOD !

    Has Canada ever solved a politially motivated murder or is the RCMP that cleared Guergis totally corrupt?

    ps. It was a nice touch to replace the need to identify the actual eyewitness with you-know-who. Is that why she was cleared by the RCMP/PI?


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