Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Politics as usual in Ottawa

That big stimulus package of the Canadian government went to help the economy, but of course some riding's got more money than others. There is nothing wrong with that, but when you look at which riding get the most money you will see that they will tend to be Conservative. Yet the Conservatives don't even have 50% of the seats yet most of the top riding earners are Conservatives. Look at the riding in Quebec top ten earners 4 of them are Conservative, but the Conservatives only have 15% of the seats yet on the top ten earners 40% of the seats are Conservatives. Good example of this is in the riding of  Montmagny—L'Islet—Kamouraska—Riviere-du-Loup which the conservatives won in a by election just one year ago. This riding which got the most money then any other riding in Quebec. The month following that election the Riding got an extra 2.8 million dollars. That put the riding at 8 million dollars in funding, and even if they only got 2.8 million and not the rest the riding would still get more money than 96% of the other riding's in Quebec. What happened in that month that the riding needed all that money? the riding turned Conservative. This strategy isn't just being used in the current Government unfortunately this practice has been done for decades, and is used all across the world. 

Projects in Mr. Genereux's riding, which is located in eastern Quebec, were awarded more than $8-million worth of stimulus money, including $2.8-million in the months immediately following his victory.
They also echo findings from a 2009 Canadian Press study of the first round of spending announcements under the program. That research showed that in almost every province, a Conservative riding was first in terms of overall grant money received.

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