Tuesday, August 03, 2010

You know what get ride of the tax cuts all togetor.

After watching a some arguments on the telivision I have to say I think Fareed Zakaria has the best idea. Now I have not really changed my mind , becuase his idea is to get rid of all the tax cuts ( I said that to end the tax cuts for the rich). Now you might be thinking this is a recession no time to raise taxes. Not really. Because people who get this money are just saving it. So I say raise taxes, but extend unployment benefits so that people who don't have a job can continue to live just fine considering the tax increse does not go on unployment benefits, and do what Canada did if you recontruct your house the goverment will pay a portion of it. This way we make sure that the money is bieng spend and it employs more people. Give more money to the states extend some stimulus spending and extend unployment. This stuff is a one year idea. So by the next year all stimulus spending is gone more people are employed and tax revenue is up . I say that instead of giving money that people wouldn't spend give it in places to help the middle class and the uneployed. I think this is a good way to help the economy since the tax cuts does nothing, and we need to spend the money in a way that helps the economy. I think that there is also one more big problem the U.S.A has a debt crissis , and the thing is that the tax rate isn't going to be able to give them a surplus any time in the near future. I say if we put the taxes in a place it was during the surplus years of the 90's, end the tax cuts that create 30% of the deficit, end the war in afganistan and Iraq as scheduled, create a helth care service that will save money in the long run and end stimulus spending then the U.S will be able to have a surplus.

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