Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So many reasons not to yet they go and do it any way.

 A former chief statistician Dr. Sylvia Ostry said that getting rid of the mandatory long term census is "Ridiculous" that the government shouldn't be telling statisticians how to gather information. I think that the long term census is necessary to gather information important information that we need. Stats Canada said that the returned rate would be 50% that might sound okay, but the long term mandatory census has a return rate of 95% so reducing the return rate by 45% makes the information lacking and not accurate. The sad thing is that with a non Mandatory census it will be sent to more people (33% of Canadians instead of the 25% that it is currently sent to) This will make the cost of the census more expensive for information that is not accurate. So we should spend more money to get less accurate data. 

“I think it’s ridiculous the government would intervene and tell Statistics Canada how to collect its information,” Dr. Sylvia Ostry
The Conservative government’s action, she said, undermined the global stature of Statistics Canada which has been praised consistently as one of the leading statistics agencies in the world. “The whole thing is shocking,” she said.
Graziadei also said the agency could get a 65 to 70 per cent response rate for a voluntary census, which "is still not an acceptable outcome for a census

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