Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tolerance not much in America.

You would think that a nation that stands on the value of immigration and opportunities to people who have been stripped of there right s would practice what they preach, but no in the start of the controversial mosque two blocs away from the WTC site few politicians have pushed support for it. In fact many republicans have pushed against it like Sarah Palin, tea party leader Mark William and now democratic senate majority leader Harry Reid is against it. 68% of Americans are against the mosque yet about 2/3 of Americans are against banning burqua in public places. It is the same thing. Religious freedom is to practice your right to pray or to not to believe at all anywhere you want. This might explain how many politicians have spoken against it, and maybe how the biggest supporter is Mayor bloomberg who can't run again so isn't put to much political pressure.I think that the main argument put by Republicans that a mosque would insult 9/11 families is wrong. The Islamic center that is being built is an Islamic center, so it is for the community like the Jewish center in Manhattan It is for anyone who wants to can join. Second is that 9/11 families should not be insulted by a mosque that is against radical terrorism, and a n Islamic center that wants to create peace and promote the true religion of Islam that supports peace. Maybe some of our politicians don't have the political will do support what they think is right, because they care to much of there popularity rating


  1. They don't want a Muslim faith center built on "hallowed ground" despite it being a constitutional right.

    This is the same party that voted down healthcare to first responders who are suffering because of their efforts on said "hallowed ground".

    Stay classy rethuglicans.

  2. I would oppose a German Cultural Center two blocks from Auschwitz as well.
    Its a matter of taste.


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