Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Republican who is for the mosque.

Ron Paul once a presidential nominee in 2008 is the one Republican I know of that actually understand the mosque issue. Ron Paul stated said that 9/11 should be blamed by terrorist groups not Islam saying that he doesn't support "painting Islam with a broad brush". He mentions more that he thinks that if a mosque is disrespecting 9/11 victims what about the strip clubs aren't they inappropriate so close to the 9/11 site. I think that mosque should be aloud , and that there is no reason to put a no on all mosques near the 9/11 site. Ron Paul said how Newt Gingrich is going overboard comparing the Islamic center as it would be like having a Nazi center near the Holocaust museum. I think comparing Nazi's a group like the KKK that is an illegal group in the U.S to a religion like Islam that promotes peace is insane. Now I am no big fan for Ron Paul, but you have to give him credit to him for going against the the republican wave of attack against this.

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  1. I congratulate Republican Ron Paul for stating that the mosque should be allowed near the 9/11 site.


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