Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Faster Buses

In Montreal, the STM has sought to reduce travel time on the 467 express bus route. New traffic lights will detect buses approaching an intersection. When possible, the green light will be extended, allowing the bus to zoom through, or it will get a priority light. The STM plans to make this service common throughout the island in a few years. This is a great idea for all transit agencies. The reason why people take the car is primarily because it is faster than public transit. This, with multiple other improvements will attract more people to take the bus.
The 467 Express, a taste of tomorrow’s transit
Since the 467 Express Saint-Michel was introduced in March 2009, commuters have enjoyed rapid transit services on Saint-Michel boulevard, in addition to the 67 bus route, the STM’s busiest.
Then, in August 2009, the establishment of a curb-side reserved lane along Saint-Michel boulevard helped to improve the flow of traffic for both bus lines.
 Read more at the STM's website.

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