Friday, August 20, 2010

Obama Muslim? Christian?

Obama is not only the first African American president, but apparently he is the first Muslim president. It's not true but 20% of Americans seem to think so. Believe it or not that number was 10% last year. That is a double gain, and if you think there is a political divide you are right. Republicans make a big part of it, but 18% of Independents think the same. Obama is a Christian no argument. The thing is that should there be something bad that 20% think he is Muslim? Well you could just say thet they are a part of 25% that don't believe Obama was born in the U.S. which means that this is just a conspiracy theory. The only bad thing about that would be that people just might not know. Could some people not like Obama because of his religon? (being muslim for 20% of people) . I think it is stupid if anyone where to go against a president, because of his religon. Religon should have nothing to do with policy.

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  1. Obama is not a muslim any more than he is a Christian. He is an agnostic and a secular humanist who believes in the liberation theology that sprung out of a radical segment of the black church.


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